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Canadian tourism group urges feds to axe ‘irrational’ border-crossing requirements

OTTAWA - Pricey and “irrational” COVID-19 tests, along with “discriminatory” quarantine policies for kids, are making it difficult for families to travel even when all adults are fully vaccinated, according to members of the Canadian Travel and Tourism Roundtable

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New York congressman Higgins urges Canada to drop COVID-19 travel test before Nov. 8

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- When the United States resumes letting fully vaccinated, non-essential North American visitors back across its land borders Nov. 8, border guards won't be asking for proof of a negative COVID-19 test -- and one New York congressman wants Canada to return the favour.

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Fully vaccinated Canadians won't need COVID-19 test to cross U.S. land border: congressman

Fully vaccinated travellers entering the United States by land from Canada will not need to present a negative COVID-19 test when the border reopens Nov. 8, according to a U.S. congressman.

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U.S. won't require negative COVID-19 test to cross land border with Canada, congressman says

N.Y. congressman Brian Higgins called on Canada to abandon its requirement that travellers submit the results of a costly PCR test before arriving at the border

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City councillor urging feds to scrap covid-19 test requirement at border

One Windsor councillor is hoping the Canadian government will scrap its requirement for a negative COVID-19 PCR test to return to Canada.

The U.S. will re-open its land borders to vaccinated Canadians on November 8, but Gary Kaschak says paying as much as $250 for a test is going to make day trips impossible for many.

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Business groups urge Canada to scrap PCR test requirement, as U.S. border nears reopening

Boards of trade, chambers of commerce and tourism organizations both in the United States and Canada are calling on the Canadian government to scrap requirements to produce a negative COVID-19 PCR test to travel between countries.


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Canada urged to scrap testing requirements for travel days before U.S. border reopens

The federal government is facing renewed pressure from a coalition of business and travel groups to drop COVID-19 testing requirements for fully vaccinated travelers.

The calls from the Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable come just days before the U.S. is set to reopen its land border to fully vaccinated travellers. Starting Monday, Nov. 8, at midnight, Canadians who have received a full course of a COVID-19 vaccine — Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or J&J — will once again be allowed to drive south for leisure.

While Canada has also eased many of its travel restrictions, the requirement to show proof of a negative PCR test is not one of them.

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Mandatory PCR test remains barrier for travellers as U.S. reopens borders to Canada


On Nov. 8, the land and sea borders will open up again for Canadians wanting to visit the U.S. The question is, will anyone make the trip?

"We’d love to go back down," said Vancouver Island resident Harry Little.

But, there’s a catch.

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