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The border re-opening on both sides is a relief and positive step toward border community recovery and returning to normal. However, the need for a PCR test to enter Canada remains a barrier to the flow of traffic over the border, to re-uniting families and to business recovery. The cost of a PCR test can vary between $150 – $300 per person which means it could cost a family of 5 up to $1500 for weekend trip to visit family. The need for the test is not based in science and is an unnecessary cost that creates a clear inequity between families who can afford the cost and those who cannot. Fully vaccinated is fully vaccinated.

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“The latest figures from the Public Health Agency of Canada show that of all COVID-19 tests completed at the border on vaccinated travellers between Aug. 9 and Oct. 21, only 0.18 per cent were positive.”

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Watch Clips About Vaccines & The Border Restrictions

Watch Clips About Vaccines & The Border Restrictions


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